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Medical Cost Projections

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Medical Cost Projections

At Denise W. Wrenn & Associates, our Medical Legal Nurse Consultants are professional, highly-skilled, registered nurses who can assist you with your medical cost projections.

At Denise W. Wrenn & Associates our medical cost projections provides an unbiased third party estimation of the total medical, durable medical equipment (DME) and prescription drug value of a claim.

A Medical Cost Projection is a tool for setting accurate reserves and can be a key component for settlement negotiations. It is an ideal product for claims where an MSA is not yet appropriate.

Our medical cost projection reports are based upon a comprehensive analysis of all relevant and appropriate medical reports obtained from all treating sources, payment history and prescription drug cost associated with an injury or accident.

The report provides a medical summary that includes the initial injury information, current treatment, future medical needs, and any pre-existing or co-morbid conditions.

What are Medical Cost Projections?

An itemized report listing cost for future medical needs, durable medical equipment and prescription drug cost associated with an injury or accident on an annual basis as well as priced out for the life expectancy of the individual.

Allocation of both Medicare allowable and non-Medicare allowable future injury related medical cost.

Costs are calculated based on sources used for evaluating the prescription drug component of MSA’s (WC reimbursement rates or rates actually paid, when available)